Sometimes you may want to use a different speaker or Mic.

While you can manage your Mic in Chrome, we recommend using Windows Sound settings to verify and set your devices.

Note: If you make a change to audio, please restart Chrome

First check your current settings, in the lower right in Windows - by right clicking the Speaker icon, and choose Sounds:

In the Sound window, you can see your Playback devices (speakers and headsets)

You can change your default playback device, by clicking it, and clicking Set Default

(if it is greyed out it is already default)

If you need to, you can do the same on the Recording tab (for your Microphone)

Reminder: After making any changes, please restart Chrome.

We included a handy tool to check what devices are currently active.

Please click your Phone on left to show the dialpad, and click the dropdown and select Audio Devices