Click into one of your leads to pull up its contact screen.  This should look familiar, as it is almost exactly like the contact screen discussed earlier in the dialer.  

There are a couple notable differences in this Contact Screen to be aware of:

Dispositions:  Your dispositions here will be different for each bucket and will most likely be more limited than they are in your campaigns.  There will be a disposition to move the contact to the next bucket in your funnel, and possibly a callback and not interested disposition as well.  Make sure to make note of each call with a lead in the notes section.  Keep in mind, these are all customizable by your admin, so your exact dispositions may be slightly different. 

Notes:  The notes section for your leads will display both manually entered notes and disposition history.  When you disposition a lead down your funnel it will automatically enter a note for the change in bucket with a time, date, and user.  You should also make a note every time you reach out to a lead if there is no applicable disposition.