When you are in a call, your web-phone dial pad will look like this.  Most of the functionality on this screen is fairly self-explanatory, so this article will cover Transferring and Conferencing.   


When you click on Transfer you will have the option to manually enter a phone number, or transfer to a specific User, or Group of users, within Sales Sling.  Once you have entered the information for the person you wish to transfer to, hit Send and you will be removed from the call.  At this point you can complete your notes and disposition accordingly.  


Conferencing someone in will keep you on the line while allowing you to bring other numbers in to the call.  Enter a User from Sales Sling, or a manual phone number, and click Send.  Exactly like how you would Transfer a call.  This will dial that person in, and allow you to manage all parties on the call with the screen below.

NOTE:  Hover over a button to see details on it's functionality.  This will prevent you from accidentally dropping someone off a call!