Microphone Troubleshooting:

Make sure that you are using the Google Chrome browser.

1.  Find and click on the Green Padlock to the left of the URL bar, and click where it says Secure.

Make sure that both Microphone and Notifications are set to "Always allow on this site."

2.  Find and click on the small video camera icon to the right of the URL bar. 

Make sure that "Continue allowing access to your microphone" Is selected, and verify that the correct microphone is selected from the drop-down menu.  

Click Done.

3.  Make sure that your microphone is plugged in to your computer properly and that any volume and mute settings are adjusted properly.

4.  You may have to restart your browser or computer after adjusting these settings.     

If issues persist, please use Report Phone Issue, and notify SalesSling Supportsupport@salessling.com