1.  To add new user(s) to your account head to Settings>Users>User Accounts, and select Add Multiple Users.  

 Note:  Even when adding only one user, we still recommend using the "Add Multiple Users" 

2.  Add in a user by inputting a first, last, and user name.  Then press Add User To Queue.  

3.  In the next box down, make sure to Select a user to copy permissions from.  This is the easiest way to configure new user settings properly.

I.E:  If you are creating a new dialer, make sure to copy a current dialer.  If you are creating a new admin, copy from your own account.  

4.  Assign a password for your new user(s).  Please note, when adding multiple users all of the passwords will be set to what you enter here.  You can have them change their passwords later by selecting Force Password Reset.

5.  When you are ready to add the users you have queue, click on Add These Users.