You can configure email templates to be used by your agents when sending emails to contacts.  Email templates can be limited to certain groups or users, and can even be customized to automatically fill in certain data fields from the contact.

1.  To add a new template, first make sure that you have properly configured your email client within Sales Sling.  See our support article here.  

2.  Navigate to your Sales Sling email client, which will be accessible through the Envelope Icon in the top right corner of your screen. 

3.  Find the blue Wrench Icon in the leftmost column on the screen and go to Manage>Templates.

4.  Click on Add New Template.  Make sure to name your template and apply any restrictions in the first two boxes.  

5.  Click Save Email Template when you are done.  

Inserting Data Fields:

Custom values can be pulled directly from a contact and automatically applied to templates.  To do so, press Insert Data Fields where you would like custom values to appear.  You can set backup fields, or your own values, that will populate in cases where there are no values for your primary fields.  

Limiting to Certain Groups/Users:

If you would like to break up your templates so that certain users or groups have access to different sets, you may do this through the permissions box at the bottom of the template page.  Click Send Permission in the right of the box, and designate which users/groups you would like to have access to the template.