• It is helpful to consider what you plan to use as 'triggers' for sending Zaps. Generally from SalesSling when you move to or the Sales Funnel, you can use that action as a trigger to Zap the info over.
  • There is also an option for Appointment and Calendar zaps for Appointments.

Step 1

You will need a Zapier account, as they are used to integrate our SalesSling app with any of 1,500+ other apps.

Step 2

Under Settings>Integration, is the Auth info for connecting via Zapier. 

Note: You may need to contact your Account Manager to enable this feature for you.

Step 3

HERE is the invite link for our Zap App

Please use the latest 1.2.4 

- some customers may have our updated app - and can use 1.3.1 (they are not cross-compatible)

Step 4

Set up a Zap for your SalesSling

Step 4b

When prompted - enter the Name and API key provided from Step 2

Please contact Support if you need any assistance.