Predictive Dialing enters you into a dialing "queue."  Sales Sling will call multiple numbers simultaneously and only pass on calls to you when it detects an answer.  Unlike other predictive dialing systems, Sales Sling has no lag time between detecting an answer and handing it off to a rep, so you will join the call right when the customer does!  

Entering the Predictive dialing queue will put you into a group of callers eligible to take calls that Sales Sling detects an answer on.  You will hear a beep in your headset when such a call comes through.  There is NO dial tone.  When you hear the beep there is someone on the line already.

Start Predictive Dialing:  To start the Predictive Dialer, first make sure that the account manager has Predictive Dialing set up.  Find the Predictive Dialing box in your Agent Dashboard and click "Enter Queue."  Even though there is no dial tone, the predictive dialer is running, and will push calls to you as they are answered.  From here you can disposition and move between calls just like in the Auto Dialer.