Auto Dialing or Power Dialing is a faster method of calling than Preview Dialing, but gives you less time to review a contact's information. Focusing instead on calling more contacts in a given amount of time.

Auto Dialing takes you into the dialing screen shown below, and will automatically start dialing the next contact as soon as the previous one has been dispositioned.  So make sure that you are ready for the next call before finalizing a disposition. 

NOTE:  If you find that you would like more time to review a contact's information before hearing a dialing tone, try Preview Dialing.  


1.  Enter the auto dialer.  This will pull up your first contact and your phone should start ringing.

2.  Review any information you have on a contact above the green phone number, in custom fields, and in notes.

3.  Add any new contact information by selecting edit.

4.  Once you have ended the call, disposition appropriately and enter any notes. 

5.  Press save and the next contact will be pulled up.  


Start Auto/Power Dialing:

To start Auto/Power dialing, select the blue Start Auto Dial button next to the campaign you wish to call.  The campaign will begin ringing immediately.