Navigate to the Actions drop down menu in the campaign you will be setting up your dialer for and click Edit Configuration.  

Select the Dialer Set-up tab in the top menu.  From here you can start assigning rules for how the contacts in your campaign will be called.  

In Contact Delegation you can choose which types of contacts the campaign will be allowed to dial.  Checking Recycled Contacts allows contacts to be called more than once while allowing you to set limits on frequency, and Call Leads will allow the campaign to call contacts that have been delegated as leads.

Here you can also Configure Phone Numbers by allowing only certain numbers to dial out, or using our smart dialer to automatically select the best local presence number in your pool to match the number you are dialing.  For help with adding local presence numbers, see our Guide on Adding Local Presence Numbers.     

Here you may Configure Dialing Hours so that the campaign can or cannot be called during certain days, or hours of the day.  You may also dictate whether or not call history is displayed to agents working the campaign. 

When you have made sure that all dialing settings are applicable to the given campaign, click Save to finalize your changes.