From your Manager Dashboard, locate the “Campaigns” box.

Select the “Actions” drop-down menu from the campaign you would like to edit, and click “Edit Configuration.

Navigate to the "Agent Scripts" tab in the top menu and click the green "+ Add Script" button in the top right corner.  

Make sure to name the script you will be creating, and (optionally) include a description.  

From here you may write out custom agent scripts from scratch, or base them off of existing scripts.  To use another script as a baseline, click "Use Existing Script" and select the script you wish to start with from the drop down menu.  

Additionally, you can customize scripts to be specific to a contacts information by Inserting Data Fields.

For example:  what might read "Hello { { } }!" In your custom script, would read to an agent as "Hello Bob!"

To insert a number of custom fields, click "Insert Data Fields"   

Select the user data you would like the tag to match to in the first box.  Here you may also create custom defaults if the user data mapped is not available in a given contact.  

With the configurations that we set up in the above example, the agent script should look something like this.  What the actual agent will see, however, will be "Hello Bob,"  or "Hello Mr."

When you have completed a script hit the green "Save" button at the bottom of the window and assign it to the campaign.