1.  From your Manager Dashboard, locate the “Campaigns” box.

Select the “Actions” drop-down menu from the campaign you would like to edit, and click “Edit Configuration.

2.  Select the “Dispositions” tab from the top menu.  Here you can either “Add a New Disposition,” or edit or delete an existing one.    

Note:  The existing dispositions should be identical to the campaign that was created for you in the on boarding process.  Editing them in one campaign will not affect them in others. However, keep in mind that copying this edited campaign when creating a new campaign WILL copy over these changes.    

3.  There are four main fields when adding or editing a disposition.  Here you can fully customize how your disposition functions, and set rules for what action it takes.

Once you have set up the disposition to your preferences, just hit "Save" and the new disposition button will appear in the campaign.