How Local Presence Works:

When you configure Local Presence numbers within Sales Sling, your campaigns will automatically dial out from a number with an area code geographically closest to the contact you are calling.  This is a hugely valuable tool, and when used in B2C settings can increase answer rates by up to 50%.  The numbers that this feature will pull from are limited to your active Campaign Numbers.  Meaning that you will have to go through and add the numbers you will need (it is helpful to know where you will be calling).

Note: Since local presence pulls from your campaign numbers, this feature will only work when dialing campaigns.  Manually dialing or dialing leads from your funnel will utilize each user's Direct Dial number.  

Setting It Up:

1.  Make sure that you add all of the numbers you need for Local Presence as Campaign Numbers.  Follow our article HERE on Adding Campaign Numbers.

Note:  You can get as granular or as broad as you want with this.  If you will be calling the whole country, maybe start with 1 area code per state.  If you are calling one state, it might be worth it to buy area code in that state.  

2.  Once you have all the numbers you will need, you will need to turn on Smart Matching on all of your campaigns.  This will tell the campaign to start using the Local Presence feature.    To do this, head to your list of active campaigns and go to Actions>Edit Configuration>Dialer.  DO NOT assign specific campaign numbers here.  If this is left blank, it will by default pull from all campaign numbers.

Note:  You will need to do this for ALL campaigns you wish to use Local Presence in.