SalesSling is able to track all emails with Leads, and the related history over time.


Please make sure you have access to your Name Registrar or Domain name provider and can change DNS records.

  • Domain is everything after the @ in your email address -
  • We recommend coordinating email setup with our Support Team

To add your Email:

1. Access Settings>Email Marketing and select Manage Domains

This will let you Add New Domain

2. Click Add New Domain

- (it is also used to review and Verify)

3. Leaving all of the settings as they are by default, type in your domain 

For Example - if your email is

4. Press Add Domain 

- This will show the TXT, CNAME and MX records that need to be manually added to your provider DNS records:

Such as:

Record Name                           Record Type    Value    TXTxyz        RecordInfo

Here is an example for a MX record:
Record Type: MX
Points to:
Priority: 99

5.Important Notes

Reminder: Do not remove any existing email related entries, we are only Adding verification keys for sending your email from SalesSling.

Note: Some Name Hosts do not expect the full domain name when adding records. If so, please truncate the record names to not include your domain.

Instead of
Add the entry as _amazonses

6. Next, add these records to your DNS

7. Wait for DNS to propagate

- Due to the way DNS propagates, it can take 12-72 hours (usually 24) for changes to DNS to circulate.

8. Once you have added the records, please Verify them from the Manage Domains


Next Steps

AFTER Domain name verification finishes, you can add your existing mailbox accounts to SalesSling.

You can add your specific email address from Settings>Email Marketing> Create Address 

- this starts another verification step to ensure you are the owner of the Email address.