There are 2 types of phone numbers within Sales Sling; Campaign numbers and direct dial numbers.  Depending on how you would like to handle your incoming and outgoing calls, you may use just one type of number, or a combination of the two.  Below we will review what the differences are between the two, common use cases, and how to configure each.  

Direct Dial Numbers:

- Direct Dial numbers belong to a user or user group.  Think of them as a personal line, like an agent would have with their desk phone. 

- A user MUST have a Direct Dial number if they want to Manually Dial or dial leads from the Funnel.

- If you only have Direct Dial numbers, every call made by an agent will be from their personal number, and every incoming call will be to a specific user. 

- If you choose to also have Campaign numbers, user will use Campaign numbers when they are calling your campaigns, and their Direct Dial numbers when calling anywhere else (Funnel, Manual, etc...)

(Settings>Phone>Phone Numbers)

Campaign Numbers (Local Presence Numbers)

- Campaign Numbers belong to your campaigns.  Users essentially "borrow" them when using the campaign dialer. 

- Having multiple Campaign numbers is how you establish Local Presence numbers.  Simply have a Campaign number for every area you are calling.  

- Campaign numbers are useful if you would like one forward facing number for outbound calls.  

- Campaign Numbers will ONLY be used when calling campaigns... i.e. If your users need to manually dial or dial leads in the funnel, they will still need a Direct Dial Number.  

(Settings>Phone>Phone Numbers)