Instead of manually assigning numbers for each campaign, Smart Matching can automatically select a dial-out number from the pool that you own to best match the contact being called.

This will automate your local presence dialing, as it automatically determines the best most local # when calling each contact.

Note:  Smart Matching will match contacts based off of area code and address.  This is what we recommend users use for almost all campaign configs.  

Numbers can be assigned manually:

1. Head to the Campaigns box in your Manager Dashboardand select Edit Configurations from the Actions drop-down menu. 

2.  Navigate to the Dialer tab and find the box entitled Phone Number Configuration.  

3.  From here you may either Manually assign a number to a campaign by searching for the number you wish to use in the Specify Campaign Numbers box.  

You may want to turn off Smart matching if you are not using this functionality.